Acquisition Strategy

TKG are looking to make at least one acquisition in each of the four divisions highlighted in the Organisation Chart – i.e. Swimwear and equipment, Active-wear, Outdoor clothing and equipment, and General sports equipment.

The aim is to have made an acquisition in each of these four categories in the next 2–3 years.

Acquisition Criteria

All acquisitions TKG make need to fulfil the following criteria;

  • Sector/Category - Be in a sector/category which is either stable or growing
  • Brand – Have a recognised brand name that can be leveraged.
  • Distribution - Must have existing or potential for International distribution
  • Production – Must already be outsourced or have potential to do so.
  • Growth Potential – Must have sustainable growth potential
  • Gross Margin – Sufficient existing or potential margin (min 35%) to allow investment in the brand
  • Customers – Sales not concentrated in one or two major customers
  • Product Range – Sufficient SKU’s to spread risk